Poached egg, yogurt, broccoli cream and black truffle 860
Cuticle Octopus, Quinoa and Barbecue Sauce 1350
Pan fried beef tongue, carrot, ginger and apple 950
Sea bass Carpaccio with gazpacho and marinated zucchini 1800
Roasted quail with endive and cream of cauliflower 1000
Amber jack tartar, ginger and guacamole 1640
Tamara trout with roasted aubergine cream, marinated tomatoes and pistachio 1150
Foie gras with caramelized figs, wine reduction Porto and pan brioche 2400
Albese beef carpaccio with wild ruccola, dried tomatoes and cream of goat cheese 1200
Veal with tuna sauce, pickled vegetables and passion fuit 1050
Tuna fish tartar with red radish, apple and popcorn 1640
Soup of the day 700
Home Made tagliolini with fresh truffle, butter and 30 months matured parmesan 1600
Homemade hare tortelli with fennel cream and cumin 800
Spaghetti “Verrigni” with zucchini, shrimps and roasted bread 1050
Mezze maniche Verrigni with ragú alla bolognese, cloves and 30 months matured parmesan 700
Homemade ravioli of sea-robin, slightly spicy potato cream and marinated champignon mushrooms 1240
Linguine “Verrigni” with octopus, shrimp and roasted pepper 1050
Risotto with stewed duck and gelatin of orange 1450
Meat, Fish
Beef tartare, smoked foie grass and champignon mushrooms 1800
Slow cooked veal with beer, sunflower seeds and cream of apple-celery 1600
Pan fried calf sweetbread, potato with lime and paprika sauce 1200
Albanian sirloin steak with Roman broccoli, pan fried potatoes and seasonal fresh black truffle 2200
Roasted duck leg with artichokes and juniper sauce 1500
Florence in Tirana (100gr – 650 lekë with different cut)
Catch of the day
Side dishes, cheeses and salami
Albanian cheese selection, with our compotes and homemade warm bread 1350
International cheese selection, with our compotes and homemade warm bread 1800
Seasonal salad with mixed leaves, quail eggs and 30 months matured parmesan cheese 500
Grilled vegetables with fresh cheese 500
Handmade Parma ham 2100
Seasonal side dishes 400
(Parfait with cherry and pear, black sesame crumble and thyme gelatin)
(Crispy rice, hazelnut mouse, passion fruit and coffee cream)
(Biscuits with hazelnuts, pistachio mousse, sponge cocoa with pepper and mango sorbet)
(Puff pastry with marsala cream and caramelized strawberries)
(Molten Valrhona chocolate soufflé cake with vanilla ice-cream)
(Ginger Ice Cream, Bathe Tonga biscuit, blonde chocolate muse with spices)
(Crumpled at janduia, crumble with cocoa and strawberry grapes sorbeto)
The price of our dessert is 700 Lekë